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1 Year Out

As of this moment it's become absolutely real that I'm definitely for-certain backpacking Europe in the summer of 2016, just after I graduate college. Perhaps planning it a year ahead of time will make it more possible, and if nothing else I'm suddenly motivated to eat healthier and get fit enough to complete the challenge of backpacking through 19 countries. I think I'm up to 19 at this point. There's nothing to document about anything I'm doing other than to write down my rough plan so far, but it'll be nice to look back on!

Length of Trip: ~80 days

Budget: ~$5000?

Countries to Visit:
Sicily (Italy)
Czech Republic

Ambitious, probably. I'll likely have to cut some of them out, but I'd really love not to. The longest I have myself staying in one place is 3 days; the shortest less than one, mostly those that are just small places to visit for a day-trip or cities I'm flying into only to leave for somewhere else. Like Naples. I've heard Naples isn't the best place to allot time for -- especially taking into account other cities and landmarks in Italy you could be visiting.

I've started a packing list, but it's excessively long and I'll have to cut nearly half of it out I'm sure, so even though I'm excited about buying many things on the list the very first thing I'll need to get is the right kind of backpack that's small enough to force me to pack very, very light. My brother has a 80L Gregory pack that has the right kind of support but is way too cumbersome to lug around the trains and buses and hostels of Europe.

Also, sortof off-track of the actual trip, I definitely need to find a job for fall semester to save up; I'm sure my parents will chip in some as a graduation present but no way they're paying for even half of it -- and I wouldn't ask them to. This is my trip, my one all-myself solo excursion before I'll have to face the real world, hopefully, so I want to earn it all myself if I can. I don't even know if the budget above is feasible or not. But I guess it can't hurt to dream if you put some work behind it, too.

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